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Shanhai Peiqing Science & Technology Co., Ltd founded in 1998, is a professional development and production of experiment instrument, the high and new technology enterprise of biological image analysis system.

In the process of rapid development in the enterprise, from the qing adheres to the concept of realistic and innovative, technology leading science and technology, to provide customers with high performance high quality products and service, thus the user and the partners to establish a good corporate image in the heart. From developing its own research and development of science and technology strength, with Shanghai jiaotong university, university, Shanghai university of science and technology and other related laboratories, research institutes to establish a long-term and stable technical cooperation, and build up a composed of a number of doctor, master graduate student research and development of high level management team, in the field of biological experimental instrument technology breakthrough unceasingly, for a number of invention patents and software copyright. Has the domestic first-class biological experiment instrument development and manufacturing capability.

After Peiqing years of cultivation, at present, the company developed product in domestic has a higher market share and brand awareness, but also established a nationwide network of sales and customer service. Believe that culture of the future will be able to provide our customers with more quality products and services.

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