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peiqing JS-3000 Automatic gel imaging analysis system
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For use in DNA/RNA, protein electrophoresis gel electrophoresis gel, spot hybridization images taken under low illumination.


          Peiqing(JS-3000), plug and play, fully automatic gel image analyzing system is applicable to take picture for DNA/RNA electrophoresis gelprotein electrophoresis gel, Dot blot by means of high sensitivity CCD and without losing the strip. It can control EB pollution to the most degree and protect health of laboratory assistant. Also it help to get the image and  analytic result quickly.


It can capture and analyze image by means of built-in 17 inches LED infrared multi-touch. No more needed of external PC.
Highly systematized(can adjust focal length, black box, power, UV, white light, aperture, zoom and focal length)


DNA/RNA gel, protein gel, Northern blot, ELISA PLATE, thin layer chromatography and culture vessel

CCD: SONY ICX674 digital professional low illumination integral CCD
CPU: intel core 2, quad-core
Memory: 2GB (The maximum capacity to support 4 GB)
HardDisk: SSD1289 GB
Wifi: YES
Network adapter: 100Mbps Ethernet card
Screen: 17 inches LED infrared multi-touch screen, response time is 8 MS, Induction strength is 15G, number of clicks > 600 million
Sensitivity: >= 0.02ng Nucleic acid
Pixel: 1920 x 1460(280M)
Lens: Japanese Computar AF lens, F=1:1.2, 12.5 – 75mm, can zoom in the size of gel
A/D Conver: 16 bit(0-65535)
Pixel size: 4.6x 4.6 um
Dynamic range: > 4
Shutter control: electronic shutter
Exposure time: 1ms – 60 minutes, can multi-capture and save all images, has function of image correction
Interface: Standard C I/F
Tapping device: special tapping device
ilter: 590nm (535nm, 620nm and 460nm is optional) EB/SYBR Green, BP
Box controller: can adjust focal length, aperture, UV and Reflector lamp
Computer controller: can adjust focal length, black box, power, UV, white light, aperture, zoom and focal length
Timing off: can set timer(10-60 minutes), prolong the life of UV light and uviolglass
Focus mode: AF(auto-brightness, contrast, and exposure time)
Open door way: swing door and drawer-style
UV transmission stage: transmission wavelength: 302nm(254nm, 365nm is optional), size: 20cm x 25cm(customizable) 
White light reflection: luminescence, 12v
White light transmission stage: luminescence, 12v, drawer-style platform, size 20cm x 25 cm(customizable)
Enterprise certification: “Shanghai high and new tech enterprises”, third prize in “Shanghai science and technology awards”
Software: SensiAnsys, professional image collection and analysis system
Size: 50cm x 37cm x 82cm

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