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peiqing JS-1070EV chemiluminescence imaging machine
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The use of the chemiluminescence imaging system has gradually replaced the traditional darkroom tabletting exposure test.


       Peiqing JS-1070EV Fluorescent&Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging System is all-in-one machine and it supports plug and play function. It applies to chemiluminescence, multi-color fluorescence detection and gel detection. Peiqing JS-1075P can capture razor-thin fluorescent light and fluorescent light by means of high resolution and low light-level CCD which combines large aperture and motorized zoom lenses. Deep cooling CCD can remove background noise to the most degree. Large aperture and motorized zoom can capture weak light furthest. Optional various fluorescent light sources and electric filter wheel satisfy experimental demand for nucleic acid imaging and ECL imaging.


It can acquire the chemiluminescence experimental result rapidly by means of motorized zoom lens (F/0.85) and high sensitivity cooling CCD. It helps experimenter to avoid traditional way of darkroom exposure.
Full-automatic computer control for AF, transillumination and reflected light.
Observe gel and chemiluminescence image in real time.
Support auto-exposure, one-touch capture image of western blot.
Support one-touch auto-overlap marker image and chemiluminescence image, and generate three kinds of chemiluminescence images.
Support to set the number of sample, start and end of exposure time, also support to multi-capture in order to access to the best performance.

Chemiluminescence detection Western Lightning, ECL, ECL plus, CDP Star, SuperSignal, CSPD, LumiGlo, etc.


Cooling CCD: high resolution, low illumination level, made in USA (chip: Sony ICX695)
Cooling function: semiconductor refrigeration
Quantum efficiency : High QE: 80%
Cooling temperature: below 80℃ (absolute temperature -60℃, and CCD temperature shows in panel in real time)
Pixel: 2750 x 2200(6.05 M)
Bin: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8
Lens: F/0.80, 4/3 inches motorized zoom lens, support AF.
A/D Conver: 16 bit(0-65535)
Pixel size: 4.54 x 4.54 um
Dynamic range: > 4.6
Zoom: drawer-style AF platform with two layers, compatible with various thicknesses samples
Capture: Support one-touch auto-overlap marker image and chemiluminescence image, and generate three kinds of chemiluminescence images.
One click shooting: Support auto-exposure, one-touch capture image of western blot.
lifting platform(Optional): computer stepless control lifting platform, automatically locate sample
Secondary light source: transmission: LED white light panel; reflection on both sides: white light source(luminescence), and computer can adjust the brightness
Filter station : No
Filter : No
Timing shutdown: 0-60 minutes
Shooting area: UV: 18x18cm  white light: 16x16cm
Enterprise certification: “Shanghai high and new tech enterprises”, third prize in “Shanghai science and technology awards”
Dimension: 39 x 35 x 59 CM
Software: ECL SensiAnsys, ECL SensiCapture ,professional image collection and analysis system 


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